Where are Vermeer's paintings?

I recently went to Dublin with my family to see a wonderful exhibition about Dutch genre painters, including several lovely ones by Johannes Vermeer. It was all about how different painters in the 1650s-1670s all copied one another's ideas and painted very similar paintings for their patrons.

My dad and I have done quite a bit of travelling to see paintings by Vermeer, which is a nicely finite task as he didn't paint all that many - probably 34 with another 3 attributed. And some of those are in private collections and not available to view. 

One of the things I really love about Wikimedia is that there are all these gorgeous high-quality images of art which you can use to create stuff like this. I could have just included the names and dates etc, but it so much nicer to be able to click and see an actual thumbnail of the painting itself, and follow the link to a Wikipedia page on it.

Anyway, because I'm interested in learning a bit more about GIS and mapping tools, I created this little map with openstreetmap.fr to see how easy it was (very, but quite tedious to make manually even for a small number of points). I may try some others out too. One thing I'd like is for the markers to cluster when you zoom out, so that you can see that there are 3 or 4 paintings in one place, for instance. At the moment it looks like just one marker until you zoom right in. It'll also be interesting to see how easy it is to export and import the data somewhere else. We'll see!