Wonder Woman!

Solidly awesome superhero movie. Really nicely-shot action sequences (I loved the first one with all the Amazons fighting the Germans), great lead actor, good comic relief, fairly predictable but not too predictable plot, redemption arc, good stuff.

Also, KICKASS FEMALE SUPERHERO. I mean, come on, I'm allowed to be super excited about this, right? Amazing. And the whole thing was really diverse in a really awesome way. I love the DC Howling Commandos equivalent - they were really funny and real and great. And I effing love David Thewlis in everything ever and he was good in this too. Chris Pine basically plays Captain Kirk, but I'm down with that, it's a good role, he does it well, no complaints here.

ROBIN WRIGHT. Sorry, got overexcited again. She's amazing. The whole training montage scenes would have had me entranced aged 8. I would have dreamed of living there and getting to learn to fight.

Actually the cinematography all the way through is really lovely. The contrast between lurid technicolour idyllic island to gritty sepia/monochrome WWI London is really striking, and it was definitely a film where the night scenes looked like they were shot at night. I did a lot of peering at the screen which was very effective for the tense bits. It didn't look like the fire was giving a convenient amount of lighting for everyone.

GAL GADOT IS MY HERO. Go see this film.